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WREN – the Women’s Real Estate Network

This dynamic club has been established to offer a safe, fun and relaxed environment for like minded women to be educated, empowered and encouraged to invest in real estate with the goal of achieving financial freedom and independence.

Through the expertise and experience of our speakers, supporters and group members you will learn how to build wealth through real estate. Overall, we are here to network, have fun and to provide some education and guidance to people who are thinking of getting into real estate investing.

WREN believes that being of service to the community is paramount to success in business. Liza and Darlene have experienced many cultures in their work and travels and they both agree that no matter where we are from or where we go, we all want the same things: to be loved, to have freedom, to feel connection and to be part of a community. We work collaboratively with organizations that share this mindset.

Find out more at https://wren.club/

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